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Residential Skylights From F A B Construction, Inc

Have you been considering adding a skylight to your new or existing home?

Perhaps your kitchen or your bathroom, while functional and beautiful, is a bit on the dark side. Maybe your living room has a soaring roof section that would be perfect for a skylight.

Especially in the winter months, it is so important to welcome the sunshine into your home and reap the many benefits of beautiful natural light and warmth.

F A B Construction, Inc is proud to be the area’s first choice for residential skylight sales and installation. Since 2008, we have proudly provided residents with the best quality and selection of high-end skylights. We can install skylights of any size and slope.

Whether it’s kitchen skylights, bathroom skylights, or living room skylights, we offer superior products and exceptional installation service.

We offer a choice of multiple designs and finishes, including both fixed and venting windows. We also install solar-powered units, sun tunnels, decorative diffusers, lighting kits, specialty blinds, and programmable touch screen operation remotes.

If you are planning to install a skylight in your home, look no further than the expertise and experience of %COMPANY. Call today to schedule a consultation!

Residential Skylight Benefits

There are countless reasons to consider having a beautiful, dramatic skylight your F A B Construction, Inc in your home. The first and most important is natural lighting. Did you know that natural light can have significant impacts on your physical and psychological health? Not only can you fill your home with daylight, but you can reduce your need your electric lights.

Skylights provide secondary heat, so your energy costs will benefit both from lighting and heat.

Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and offers a natural way to reduce mold and bacteria in your home. This is particularly true to areas like the bathroom or kitchen.

A skylight offers an enhanced view while maintaining privacy. It is also a great way to add significantly to your home’s resale value.

Residential Skylight Products

F A B Construction, Inc is proud to be a five-star Velux Certified Dealer. Velux offers an amazing range of both traditional and innovative skylights and roof windows.

There are a variety of skylights to choose from, including both fixed and venting. While both provide the advantages of added light, venting skylights offer the added convenience of fresh air and ventilation to your space. These can be opened and closed manually or electrically. Velux even offers venting skylights with solar-powered opening motors.

Velux also has shafts and light tunnels, guaranteeing that there will be a skylight that will suit your space requirements. Blinds and skylights can be opened and closed using a remote control with Velux’s smart home technology.

F A B Construction, Inc also carries products of Wasco and Bristolite, other industry leaders in skylights and roof windows. We will work with you to select the best design and finish for your space.

Residential Skylight Installation

F A B Construction, Inc offers swift, meticulous skylight installation in your home. Cleanliness will be our top priority when working in your home. After the necessary roofing components are removed, the skylight will be fitted and installed in place. Special sealing procedures will be followed to ensure proper insulation and durability.

You will be amazed at the speed of installation. Before you know it, sunshine will be pouring into your home and light will fill your space.

Consult the experts at F A B Construction, Inc today to discuss your options!