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Residential Skylights

Have you been considering adding a skylight to your home?

Perhaps your kitchen or bathroom, while functional and beautiful, is a bit dim even during the brightest times of the day. Especially in the winter months, it is so important to welcome the sunshine into your home and reap the many benefits of beautiful natural light and fresh air.

F A B Construction, Inc is proud to be the area’s first choice for residential skylight sales and installation. Since 2008, we have proudly provided residents with the best quality and selection of high-end skylights. Projects are customizable with options for multiple designs and finishes, including both fixed and venting windows. We also install solar-powered units, sun tunnels, decorative diffusers, lighting kits, specialty blinds, and programmable touch screen operation remotes.

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Whether it’s a trio of skylights centered over the kitchen island, a venting skylight over a shower enclosure, interior hallways brightened by tubular sun tunnels or a living room with a soaring ceiling that would be perfect for a skylight, we offer superior products and exceptional installation service.

If you are planning to install a skylight in your home, look no further than the expertise and experience of F A B Construction, Inc. Call today to schedule a consultation!

Potential Benefits of Natural Day-Lighting in Your Home

  • Studies have proven that natural light can have a significantly positive impact on physical and psychological health as well as overall well-being
  • Not only can a skylight fill the space with stunning natural light, but you can drastically cut-back on the need for powering electric lights throughout the home during daylight hours
  • Sunlight is a natural disinfectant and offers an environmentally friendly boost in the reduction of naturally occurring mold or bacteria in a home. This is particularly true for areas like the bathroom or kitchen
  • A skylight offers an enhanced view of the outside world while maintaining privacy within
  • It is also a great way to spotlight interior design features or art pieces and
  • Adds significantly to a home’s resale value

Residential Skylight Products

F A B Construction, Inc is proud to work with a number of skylight manufacturers that suggest an amazing range of both traditional and innovative natural light products.

There are a variety of skylights to choose from, including fixed and venting. While both provide the advantages of natural day-lighting, venting skylights present the convenience of fresh air and ventilation through the space. Venting products can be operated manually or electrically depending on accessibility and personal preference. Some manufacturers even offer venting skylights with solar-powered operating features.

If a skylight perhaps isn’t the best fit for a particular area, light tunnels and shafts are affordable and easily installed, guaranteeing that there will be a type of day-lighting product that will suit practically any space requirement.

Accessories available include blinds and shades that come in a wide variety of colors, patters and transparencies that make this added feature truly customizable.

Modern features elevate the experience with innovative control options such as the Velux Active which utilizes Smart home technology to open and close venting skylights and blinds even when you are away from home.

Whatever the type, style, or vision you have for day-lighting your home or personal space we will work with you to select the best product.

Residential Skylight Installation

F A B Construction, Inc offers swift, meticulous work in the most efficient manner. Cleanliness and respect for personal space and property are our top priority when working in your home. After the necessary roofing components are exposed, the skylight will be fitted and installed in place. Special sealing procedures are always followed to ensure proper insulation and durability.

Before you know it you’ll be seeing your home in a whole new light.

Consult the experts at F A B Construction, Inc today to discuss your options!