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Commercial Skylights From F A B Construction, Inc

At F A B Construction, Inc, we believe in the tremendous beauty and presence that a skylight can add to any building.

Since 2008, we have been proudly selling and installing top-quality skylights to businesses in the area.

Where your space is an office building, shop, industrial facility, or any other commercial location, a skylight add huge amounts of natural light and openness.

Once installed, skylights require very little in the way of maintenance, and are certain to retain their value over many years.

With recent upgrades in technology, there is a huge variety of skylight styles and varieties to choose from. You can select between fixed skylights and venting skylights. F A B Construction, Inc’s skylights can be ordered and installed at any size or slope.

With a skylight or full-spectrum natural daylighting system from F A B Construction, Inc, even the dreariest office space can be filled with light all day long.

For a dramatic and unique touch to your business, call F A B Construction, Inc today for a consultation about your commercial skylight needs.

Commercial Skylight Benefits

Studies have shown that natural light in the workplace has a huge positive impact on worker productivity.

This is only one of many advantages afforded by a beautiful commercial skylight.

Skylights provide natural light and indirect heat. This results in reduced energy bills for your enterprise.

F A B Construction, Inc deals only with the very best materials for skylights, working with industry leaders in skylight technology. We also ensure a quality and thorough installation for every client. With proper materials and installation, a long life with minimal maintenance is ensured.

Commercial Skylight Products

F A B Construction, Inc offers a huge range of durable, energy-efficient, and extremely attractive skylights for a wide range of purposes.

We provide skylight and daylighting solutions for all different types of office buildings and retailers. You will be utterly amazed at the amount of natural light provided by our solutions, and how that will translate to reduced energy costs.

%COMPANY is a five-star Velux Certified Dealer and Installer. We are proud to carry Velux’s line of both traditional and innovative skylight solutions.

Velux is renowned for their state-of-the-art commercial domes. They also manufacture sun tunnels which are ideal for flat or low-slope roofs. Because of their design, they can be installed very non-invasively and quickly. Velux offers conventional skylights as well.

F A B Construction, Inc is also proud to carry Wasco and Bristolite products. Featuring large material inventories, the possibilities for design are endless.

Because we work with multiple suppliers, we are able to find the solution best suited to each commercial space.

Commercial Skylight Installation

Where your commercial space is existing or under construction, F A B Construction, Inc installs skylights both patiently and rapidly. Your skylight will look like it was always meant to be there.

We will ensure that all roofing work is done precisely and quickly. After any necessary removal, your skylight will be carefully fit in place and installed. The area will be specially sealed to ensure proper insulation and durability. The entire process will be complete before you know it, and in many cases your business activities aren’t interrupted at all.

If you think your business building could benefit from a beautiful, functional skylight, contact F A B Construction, Inc today!