Skylight Installation in Irvine

Are you looking to install a new skylight on your Irvine rooftop? If so, you'll find no one better suited to serve you than F A B Construction, Inc. dba F A B Skylights. Boasting years of professional experience and credentials that assure quality, company founder Franco Bersano and his crew are here to install your new skylight to perfection.

Certified by Velux skylight manufacturers to install, sell, and repair their residential and commercial skylights, we are your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Let us be the ones to introduce a little light and warmth into your room. You'll be glad you chose us. Call (951) 356-4126 now to schedule your skylight installation consultation.

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Trusted Skylight Installers

Everyone loves a well-placed skylight. They introduce natural light into the home, they offer added ventilation on warm days, and they always manage to boost a home's value. That said, these benefits are not completely guaranteed. You need to work with experienced skylight installation contractors when you really want to get the most out of your new skylight.

We are the professionals worth calling when you are in need. Whether you are looking to purchase a residential Velux skylight through us, or you want us to install a skylight that you purchased through another supplier, we can help you. Operational since 2008, we have installed skylights of all varieties.

Do you need to add skylights to the top floors of your apartment buildings or the roof of your business? Call us. Do you want to install a skylight in your new home before finalizing the renovations and finishing touches? Let us be of service. We carry out our duties with precision.

Full Suite of Skylight Services

If you are in search of a contractor that can install your new skylight with ease, your search is finally over. Founded in 2008, F A B Construction, Inc. dba F A B Skylights has quickly ascended the ranks to become the most trusted skylight installation contractor in the Irvine area.

Offering a full suite of skylight services ranging from skylight repairs to electronic programming setup, we're the manufacturer-certified contractors you can count on. Rest assured, we'll make sure you get the most out of your tubular, fixed, or ventilated skylight. Our years of experience have afforded us the opportunity to service skylights of all varieties.

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Skylights come in many forms, and there is more than one type of service that we offer. Do you have questions about the Velux skylights available today? Would you like to learn more about our services? Call (951) 356-4126 today to speak with a representative.

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Reap All the Benefits of Skylights

Skylights offer almost a limitless number of benefits. Whether you're purchasing a skylight to ensure optimal ventilation, the promise of natural light, or to boost your home's resale value, you cannot go wrong. Skylights are the eco-friendly solution to countless household issues, and they never fail to attract the attention of discerning individuals.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your new purchase, we strongly suggest you work with us. The contractors at F.A.B. don't just know how to handle skylights—they know how to prepare rooftops and ceilings for these wonderful light-transmitting structures.

Skylight Installations Made Simple
Let the Light In

When it comes to installing a skylight, our contractors do more than carry the roof-light frame and glass to your rooftop. Prior to installation, our contractors will cut and frame your ceiling and rooftop according to building codes and manufacturer's specifications. After inserting the skylight fixture, we install underlayment and several types of flashing. Rest assured, we carry out all these steps with unrivaled ease.

There is a lot that goes into a skylight installation. Many rooftops are not cut and framed for a skylight, requiring professionals to construct proper spaces for the skylights themselves. Projects like these are where we shine. We install and seal the skylights to perfection, eliminating any risk of leaks or unexpected heat loss.

Qualified to Install any Skylight

We are authorized to install, repair, and sell Velux skylights. We worked hard for our certification and our handiwork shows it. That said, this is not all we do. We specialize in the installation of all the major types of skylights available today, some of which include:

  • Fixed skylights
  • Tubular skylights
  • Venting skylights

No matter the make or the model, we can help you. It won’t be long until you recommend us to your friends and neighbors.

For all your skylight services, put your trust in us. Contact us at your convenience.

Skylights of Any Material

Many different materials can be used for your skylight, and we’re proud to say we’re qualified to handle them all. Whether you want the cost efficiency of plastic glazing or the clarity and stability of glass, we have the experience to support and seal all types of skylight materials.

To learn about your different skylight material options, contact our team today! We’ll walk you through the benefits of varying glazing surfaces.

Certified to Install the Leading Skylight Brands

It isn't just the homeowners of Irvine that regard us as industry leaders. Even the leading manufacturers of skylight systems in America and abroad regard us as top-tier professionals. In fact, we are certified by Velux Skylights to install, repair, and sell their incredible skylights.

The Speediest Skylight Installations in Irvine

A skylight installation can be an invasive and disruptive project, as we replace a section of your roof with a perfectly sealed skylight. Since it can render part of your home unusable for the time of its installation, we work as fast as we can to get the skylight completed quickly and restore full access to your rooms.

A skylight installation can be an invasive and disruptive project, as we replace a section of your roof with a perfectly sealed skylight. Since it can render part of your home unusable for the time of its installation, we work as fast as we can to get the skylight completed quickly and restore full access to your rooms.

Embracing the Latest Technology

Do you have a Smart home? Are you able to control your home’s entertainment system with the click of a button anywhere in the household? You can have the same sort of control over your skylight, as well. You can open, close, or conceal your skylight at will. All you have to do? Work with us. We take a custom approach to the skylight configuration and installation process.

Many homeowners and businesses want skylights that can open and close with the flick of a switch. Thankfully, programmable electronic skylights are available through many manufacturers today—and our skylight installation contractors are capable of programming them to perfection.

After completing the installation, we will program, calibrate, and test your skylight's remotes and powered shades to ensure everything works as it should.

Is Your Roof Right for a Skylight?

Before you seriously consider installing a skylight in your home, it’s important to determine whether your roof is suitable for a skylight. We have experience working with many types of roofs and houses, but there are some cases where we don’t always recommend a skylight installation. You want to ensure you have a roof that can support a skylight without causing leaks and maximize the amount of light you get from the glass.

Here are some things to look for in your roof before giving us a call:

  • Rafters: The main factor in whether your roof can have a skylight is the placement of the rafters. You need to ensure you have ample space between your rafters to fit a skylight—anything too narrow will narrow the amount of light you can let in, making such an installation impractical.
  • Roof slope: Different roof slopes require different flashing kits to install a skylight, and you want to ensure you can get a flashing kit for the slope of your roof. If the slope is too steep, it may be challenging to find suitable materials.
  • Location: You want to make sure that you have space for a skylight at the right place in the room. You’re looking to maximize the sunlight in your rooms, so you must be careful where you place a skylight. If your trusses or stick-framed roofs block where you’d want the skylight, it might be better to look for other options.

If you’re unsure whether your roof is suitable for a skylight installation, you don’t have to decide on your own. For a professional assessment, reach out to our team! We’ll be happy to work with you to find your best skylight options.

Save Big with a Skylight Installation from F A B Construction, Inc. dba F A B Skylights

When you want to save on energy costs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, skylights are the best possible option for your money. When you want to ensure your new roof-light gets the installation it deserves, request the expertise of our valued contractors. Request our services by calling (951) 356-4126 today.